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Mission: To provide accurate storm related information before, during and after an event occurence.

STORM WATCH ALERT allows participating law enforcement the ability to communicate with the public and media in the event of an actual or impending disaster.

The public is encouraged to use the Community Center for postings and communication with friends and loved ones in the event of displacement or evacuation.

How are alerts sent?
Your local law enforcement official posts important and timely alerts to this website. You may Register to have these alerts sent to you via email (either to your computer or phone).

Is there a fee?
No! The services of STORM WATCH ALERT are provided courtesy of your local law enforcement.

How do I register?
Use the interactive map above to locate your county / parish. Participating law enforcement agencies are highlighted. You may also click Sheriff Directory to view of listing of participants by state.

Once you've confirmed that your local law enforcement is a participant of STORM WATCH ALERT, you may Register to receive alerts.

What if my community isn't listed?
Contact your local law enforcement official and let them know that you want them to participate in the STORM WATCH ALERT program. You may also fill out the Feedback Form on this website for us to contact your local law enforcement directly.

Can I use this site if I'm not in a listed area?
Yes! The Community Center and Friend Locator allows you to search and communicate with friends and family in STORM WATCH ALERT areas. To learn more about the benefits of STORM WATCH ALERT, please view our Program Overview.

A Message for Law Enforcement
To learn how your office can provide STORM WATCH ALERT to your county / parish, please contact:

Mr. Michael Cormaci
Watch Systems, LLC